Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Next Week's Failures

In the stupid-things-I’m-doing-this-week-to-wear-myself-out category of my life there are already three things.

  1. I gave up diet soda and other similar beverages for at least this week.
  2. I am refusing to buy myself more caffeine pills, and therefor rationing them.
  3. I started working out way more hard-core than I ever have before.

I admit that none of those things sound bad. The average person reads that list and assumes that I’m going to feel pretty good and be healthier by the end of the week. The average person doesn’t know me very well.
Have I mentioned that I burn out on everything super fast?
So here’s how the changes I’m making will probably end;

  1. I will go back onto diet soda with a vengeance. My already cavity riddled teeth (seriously, dentist confirmed) will decay even further. I love diet soda so much, I think that last time I went more than a week without soda was before I got my first job. I got my first job when I was in high school by the way. The diet Mountain Dew we bought a while ago already screams at me to drink it every time I open the fridge.
  2. Today was my first day in a really really long time with zero caffeine. I usually wake up and take a caffeine pill and then have more caffeinated beverages through the day. Today was pretty rough. I can’t imagine this will last very long, and I’ll cave and go buy another bottle. I don’t want to though, I don’t want to need them in order to do my job.
  3. Working out never lasts for me. I’m sure I’ll have given up within the next few days. I just hate getting all ready for the day and then coming home and sweating all over. I’d love to solve this problem by working out before work, but I have to wake up at 5:30 as it is. Once upon a time I did complete the Couch to 5k plan, and felt really great, but then I didn’t know where to go and stopped running. Really the only reason I think I completed it was because it was during a period of unemployment.

To be clear, I don’t want any of the above to happen, but I know myself and I try not to lie to myself. All of these things are worth trying at the very least.

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